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Rewinding MachineRewinding Machine

Rewinding Machine

  • ·application:rewinding up diamond steel wires
  • ·tension range:4-30N
  • ·overall dimension:3230x1880x2340
  • ·net weight:2978kg
  • Product description: Rewinding Machine


It's the customized machine which available for rewinding up diamond steel wires. Its features include:
1.Manually threading by jog controlling.
2.Special tension regulation system, tension can be well controlled.
3.With speed testing and adjusting mechanism,pay-off speed will be synchronized with take-up speed under PID regulation.
4.Initial position and final position of traversing can be adjusted without stopping the machine.
5.Pyramidal winding function can be activated under stopping the machine.
6.Pulleys are made of POM to greatly reduce diamond steel wire abrasion.
7.Equipped with fixed and removable protection cover, machine automatically stops in case emergencies occur.
8.Integrated HMI with double pivot arms, which can optimize space occupancy and easier to operate.
9.Two kinds of rewinding bobbin(bobbin B)are available.
10.Critical components are made by famous manufacturer(Schneider, Siemens, SKF…).

usage available for rewinding up diamond steel wires
用途 适用于复绕金刚线
wire Dia. φ50-700μm
tension range 4-30N
unwinding angle >82°and<90°
unwinding motor 4kW converter motor(Siemens)
放线电机 4kW变频电机(西门子)
rewinding motor 4kW converter motor(Siemens)
收线电机 4kW变频电机(西门子)
traversing motor 1kw V90 servo motor(Siemens)
排线电机 1kw V90 伺服电机(西门子)
encoder TRD-2TH500BF
potentiometer HCP-50
unwinding bobbin A                               A放线盘 OD: φ315mm
Width: 345mm
Hole: φ150mm
rewinding bobbin B1                           B1收线盘 OD: φ240mm
Width: 214mm
Hole: φ182.5mm
Rewinding Bobbin B2                          B2收线盘 OD: φ255mm
Width: 214mm
Hole: φ150mm
overall dimension 3230x1880x2340mm
net weight 2978kg
color Pantone code: 11-0601TPX, Bright White

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