Industrial Diamond Particle

  • Industrial/synthetic Diamond Particle
Industrial/synthetic Diamond Particle

Industrial/synthetic Diamond Particle

  • Product description: Industrial/synthetic Diamond Particle
1.complete crystal shape
2.improved transparency
3.high toughness and impact strength
4.high thermal stability

1.high-grade cutting tools
2.revising tools
3.drills under severe conditions

Packing :

1.Double plastic bags, then put in paper cartons.

2.Plastic bottles, covered with bubble sheets , then put in paper cartons.

3.Other packings can be offered according to your request.

Delivery :

1.Usually 15 days after payment.

2.It can be negotiated in particular cases.


·Will you offer technical support?
Yes, we have professional and experienced foreign trade sales and production technique engineers who can offer you technical support and additional benefits by constructive suggestions.

·Do you offer free sample?

We can send you some samples after you pay the cost price.The money you paid will be deducted in

the next order if you meet  the requirements.

·How can I select the suitable shipping method?
1.For small orders, express delivery will be the best.

2.For bulk orders, sea transportation is best but take longer time accordingly.

3.For urgent orders, we suggest to select air transportation(deliver to the airport)or expres delivery(deliver to your door).

·How to get the favorable price?

The more you buy,the bigger discount will be offered! We usually quote within 24 hours after we receive your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price, please call the mobile phone number below.

·How can we be your agent?
People or companies that meet the requirements are welcome to be our agents. If  you are intend to cooperate with us, please inform us your detailed information, then we will contact you for further negotiation. Cooperate relationship will be built up after we reach consensus.